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Monday, 19 August 2013

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Nowadays the IELTS requirement is getting higher & reaches upto 8 band, unfortunately, many people r unable to clear it even in 3rd or 4th attempt, thus disqualify. However, to deal this challenge, only sir sm imran provides in depth training which actually helps u get 8 band. And v prove it. Remember ! choosing us is the real success, Like in series of results, v've got a remarkable success. Join sir sm imran. Salman 8.5 band Masood 8.0 Qadir 8.0 Shariq 7.0

A perfect place to score 8.0 band in IELTS. Lastest Result Syed waqas got 8.0 band L 9.0 band R 8.5 band W 7.0 band S 8.0 band CN NO. 004652 AC. If u really need 7.0 band in each module then SIR SM IMRAN is the last hope 4u who can actualy help u achieve ur desired band. Repeating IELTS wil only disheart u from applying. So b4 it is too late, join sir sm imran "The talent that is hidden inside u wil b utilized".
An important message for IELTS students in karachiTrying low package or pay fee later method is totally a waste of time in IELTSNow IELTS fee at AEO is 19000RS and at british council is 17000 RS which is a big amount and it is such an exam which is hard to clear in 1st attempt. If you choose low package fee or paying fee after method, this is 100% that you will waste your money, this is only an attraction that you will pay later and it hides many things which should be checked but it will bring a negative impact on your result. Many students think that they will save the money, but it doubles their expenses and in every repeat they have to pay 19000 RS again. This type of tuition lacks the quality of the contents required to achieve in IELTS exam, so be clearful of such ways. Never underestimate this, as this is the matter of your future. This is not a game that you win so you pay, this is education.
Choosing an IELTS teacher is one of the most important factor, i think at least a period of 10 years is required to be a perfect IELTS teacher, because during this period he or she gains too much experience which definitely helps him or her to understand students' problems. Moreover, seeing number of results is also an essential way to judge a teacher, results like 8.5 band 1st position, 8.0 band 2nd position, 7.5 band 3rd position and hundreds of positions.

Paying fee 1st has 100% effects than paying fee later for IELTS researched by sir sm imran.
We have been teaching IELTS for the last 12 years, we charge fee 1st and provide brilliant training, we have such a great record that no one has ever broken. Here students have got 8.5 Salman 1st position, 8.0 Saeed 2nd, 8.0 Hiba 2nd, 8.0 Saad 2nd, 8.0 Sobia 2nd & hundreds of positions. Things which are taught here follow the exact format of exam. we personally believe paying fee later has 0% effects, because only beginners IELTS teachers can do it so that they can do some practical on their students. As a result of this, students can only get lower bands, and they will have to repeat it again and again. Paying fee later is totally a sign of inexperienced teachers. The only thing that attracts students that they have to pay after without knowing the place they are going to join has any single position of 8.5 band in IELTS produced by them. we charge fee 1st and provide outstanding training as we utilize our full efforts to teach the students.

Kindly don't go onto stupid offers, such as guarantee or paying fee later, etc. These marketing strategies are good for only running the centre but not for getting your IELTS test in 1st attempt. You must check the quality of the course & see 100 of IELTS 7.0 band results to realize the worth of a teacher. Otherwise these marketing policies will waste your time & money and then u will have to repeat it again. THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN CHOOSING ANY IELTS INSTITUTE 1) Before joining any IELTS centre get proof of students' results, At least 100 results of 7.0 band. 2) Today every one is teaching IELTS having no experience & no position, so u must find the gunuine teacher. The signs of best teachers are that they have lots of experience & thier students are position holders. 3) If any teacher's students are producing 7-8.0 band, this means that teacher is the best of all. 4) Fee isn't a matter in IELTS, the reason why it is as people get repeated several times, the major things should be considered are the knowledge & experience of a teacher, that he must have prepared his students upto 8.5 band. 5) Never be attracted by less fee or cheap tuition, because this is the main reason that any inexperienced teahcer can use to trap u. As he will get time to do practicle on u. THIS MESSAGE IS DELIVERED TO YOU SO THAT YOU CAN FIND THE RIGHT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN EXPERT AND A NOVICE TEACHER.

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