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Wednesday, 12 May 2010
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City: Karachi, Sindh


Contact name Amna Afreen
Phone 03333155751

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1. Student of PhD. in Islamic Studies in Karachi University. Admitted in 2006.
2. M.A. in Arabic in 2004 from Karachi University in First Division.
3. Shahadat -ul- Alamia, from 1997 to 2002 from Jamia Salafia, in First Division.
4. M.A. in Islamic Studies in1999, from Karachi University in Second Division.
5. B.A. in 1993 from Karachi University, in Second Division.
6. Two-Year Certificate Course in Fine Arts in 1992from Sindh Board of Technical Education, in First Division.
I am a student of Islamic studies for the last thirteen years. Now have submitted my PhD. Thesis entitled "The Analytical Study of Selected Reformers in the Progression of the Islamic Though in 20th Century". I have selected Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Iqbal And Dr. Fazlur Rahman. I have tried to show the development of their thought and their contentions with the ulema. I am a great fan of Dr.Fazlur Rahman’s thoughts. I see my future in writing as I want to spend most of my time with books and want to explore the depths of knowledge. Thus I am interested in research and writing.
1. Title: Two-Nation Theory and its Flaws.
Research Area: Islamic Political Thought
Description: This article scrutinizes the deficiencies of this theory and at what basis it was established. The reality and the myth of Two-Nation theory, through it the bloody division of India took place. Subsequently, Muslims of both India and Pakistan are facing its consequences. The advocates of this theory believed to create a Modern Muslim State; with underestimating the authority of orthodox Ulema had in the hearts of common Muslims and their ignorance with the Modernity rather the ulema were generating hindrances in front of Modern progress, which is accepted to be published in the coming issue of Journal of Islamic Studies University of Karachi.